Meet our Adoptables

All of our adoptables are currently residing with their owners. Some may be available within the next few weeks, others within the next few months. 

Adoption Process

To ensure the animal goes to the best family, and the senior has the best information to choose from, we have a detailed application process. The goal of My Grandfather’s Cat is for a senior to arrange a second forever home, meaning the animal may not be available immediately but rather in the next few months. There are no costs associated with adopting. 

Submit an Adoptable

Through My Grandfather’s Cat, seniors work directly with interested families to arrange the new home for their animal, with the goal for the animal to stay with the senior up until the day they move to the retirement home.

Adoption Fees

My Grandfather’s Cat does not charge adoption fees. We are a free service for both the senior or terminally ill person and the adoptee.


Success Stories

Read stories about beloved animals who have found their second forever homes through My Grandfather’s Cat.