Meet adoptables that have found their second forever homes through My Grandfather’s Cat. We began receiving adoptables just one week after we launched on May 18, 2021.

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After her elderly human passed away in March 2021, Pepper was in need of a second forever home. While her human’s daughter tried to welcome her into the family, she simply didn’t get along with the other animals. That’s when they contacted My Grandfather’s Cat after seeing us on social media the same week we launched.

She worked with our founder, who posted Pepper’s profile on our website and social channels. She was our first adoptable listed.

MGC began receiving emails from interested families immediately. After vetting each family, Pepper  found her second forever home with a retired couple who recently moved to Annapolis Valley. She has settled in well, and loves her new home.


When his elderly human decided it was time to move into an assisted living facility, Bore was in need of a second forever home. After seeing My Grandfather’s Cat on CTV evening news, he called and posted Bore’s profile with just one day until he moved.

The MGC community worked quickly to find him a home. Just three hours after his profile was posted, a home was found, but after a change of heart the family couldn’t adopt him.

Without a place to go, Bore spent the night with an MGC emergency foster, who happened to be our founder, Angela. He made himself at home instantly, taking up the entire bed and snuggling all night. When MGC found him another home and dropped Bore off, he made it clear that he wasn’t going to settle and was simply waiting for Angela to come and get him. 

In this very unique story, Bore chose his own second forever home and was adopted by Angela. They live together in Halifax and Bore, now nicknamed Bo, still takes up the entire bed every night. 


When their human passed away from a terminal illness, Zeus and Hunter were in need of a second forever home. They temporarily moved in with her dear friend who worked with MGC to honour her request of finding them a home together with a  family who had no other animals or children.

Two members of the MGC community, Heather and Chet, we’re in search of two cats when they received an email from MGC that Zeus and Hunter were in need of a home. After meeting her dear friend and the executor of her will, they proudly adopted the boys.

As they are retiring soon, Heather and Chet plan to buy a motorhome and drive across the country with Zeus and Hunter by their sides.

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When their senior humans decided to move closer to family, Chip, Ivy and Iris were in need of a second forever home. While she hoped they could stay together, their mom knew it would be difficult to find someone willing to take all three animals into their home.

Working with an MGC volunteer, they decided to post each adoptable individually, still hoping they would find a home together. 

Then came Kathy, a retired school teacher who heard about MGC on a morning radio show. After visiting our adoptables page, she saw the three sweet animals and knew they were meant to be hers. She contacted the MGC volunteer, who vetted her and introduced her to their human.

One week later, she adopted all three. Kathy and the couple have decided to keep in touch, and they have regular visits so they can still visit their beloved animals. 

In August 2021 Bailey’s human sadly passed away and his friends and neighbours, James and Sarah, took Bailey in with the hope of caring for him. Unfortunately Bailey didn’t adapt well and the couple made the tough decision to find Bailey a second forever home as soon as possible. 

They contacted MGC and our volunteer, Vivian, started the search and vetting process immediately.  Many people came forward interested in adopting Bailey, Diane being one of them. Diane and Sarah made a connection and did a meet and greet visit. There was an immediate bond and comfort that Diane was the right human for Bailey.  

Bailey is now settled and adapted to his new surroundings right away. Diane and Bailey are now new forever friends, creating loving memories together and enjoying every minute of it.

When her grandmother suddenly passed away, Jessica and her mom were in desperate need of finding a home for her beloved cat Peaches before they went back to their home in Europe. She posted on Instagram, and many suggested she reach out to MGC, so she did.

With the family headed back to Europe, a family friend was able to care for Peaches while the MGC community worked quickly. Her post was shared more than 450 times on social media, but it was Connie and her husband who received an email from MGC that Peaches was available and decided to apply.

Jessica and her mom went through the applications and decided Peaches was meant to be with Connie and her husband. They picked her up the next day, and she quickly settled in with her new family.

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When his senior human decided to move in with her son, who was allergic to cats, Ricky was in need of home. She turned to MGC and began working with one of our volunteers, Katie, to find his second forever home.

Ricky’s profile was posted on MGC’s website and social media, but a month went by without a single application. So, we turned to our community and asked them to share Ricky’s post far and wide. The post was shared more than 950 times across Facebook and Instagram, which resulted in over 10 applications.

Katie vetted the applicants and his human chose a wonderful couple who were thrilled to make Ricky apart of their family. 


When Munchkin’s terminally ill human suddenly passed away, her partner could no longer care for him by himself, so he contacted My Grandfather’s Cat to see if he could find Munchkin a second forever home.

MGC posted his profile on our website and social accounts. Two days later, through the sharing of social media posts, Gelaine found Munchkin, who immediately reminded her of her previous kitty, Smudge. 

Gelaine then contacted MGC and our dedicated volunteer, Ashley, interviewed her and her daughter. His human’s partner knew Gelaine and her family could give Munchkin the retirement years he deserves and chose them.

Munchkin now lives a relaxed life on an acreage just outside of Calgary.