My Grandfather’s Cat is a safe space where seniors, or people with terminal illnesses, can arrange a second forever home for their beloved pets.

When a senior or terminally ill person is in need of rehoming their animal, they contact My Grandfather’s Cat. Once approved, they work with an assigned volunteer to write the animal’s detailed profile, which is then posted on our website, social media channels and emailed to a list of families looking to adopt.

Interested adoptees contact MGC via email. Our volunteer then reaches out to the family via phone and conducts an interview. This information is then passed along to the animal’s human, who decides which family is the best fit.

Then, the human and adoptee work together to arrange a time to pick-up the animal. Sometimes this is the same day, other times its weeks or months, depending on the situation. Some even choose to stay in touch, which the new family providing regular updates to the senior.

We welcome adoptables and adoptees from across Canada. Animals must be fixed and have a safe place to stay while a second forever home is found, as My Grandfather’s Cat does not house animals.

There is no cost associated with submitting an adoptable or adopting an animal. Through merchandise sales and donations, we are able to cover our operational expenses.

To ask questions, or subject an adoptable, email