Meet our adoptables! All of our animals are currently residing with their owners. Some may be available within the next few weeks, others within the neXt few months or even immediately. All applicants will be vetted by our trusted volunteers and their information will be sent to the owner, who will contact you directly if they are interested.

If you interested in an adoptable, please email the volunteer’s email listed with the adoptables profile or with the animal’s name in the subject line. Read our success stories.

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DORI, AUTUMN & MIA Location: Toronto, Ontario

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As their senior human has passed away, Autumn, Mia and Dori are in need of a second forever home.

These three gals are more than bonded, they are sisters. They are looking for a special human with a big heart who can adopt them together so they continue their group cuddles, eating their favourite senior kitty food and their sibling rivalry of who gets to sit on their human’s lap.

Autumn is 15-years-old. She is the protective oldest sister. While timid at first, she loves people once they earn her trust. She mostly loves to spend her time in a snuggle pile with her sisters.

Dori is 15-years old. While the same age as Autumn, she definitely has middle-sister energy. She loves to be the centre of attention, stealing as much love and pets as possible. She also lives with feline herpes, but don’t fret, it just means she has a snuffy nose.

Mia is the 12-year-old little sister. She is the baby sister, who also loves to loved (when Dori isn’t stealing all the attention) and have her ears rubbed. 

They are looking for a quiet home where they can be loved for the rest of their lives.

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Availability: Immediately

If you are interested, email with the subject line AUTUMN, MIA AND DORI

SEBASTIAN & WINNIE Location: Toronto, Ontario

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Meet Sebastian and Winnie! Due to their senior owner’s health issues, Winnie and Sebastian are looking for a second forever home.

These two are the perfect pair – best friends who love company and cuddles. They have never been apart and are looking for a home where they can stay together.

Sebastian is a 10-year-old neutered male who loves attention. When guests come over, he’s keen to make his rounds to ensure everybody gets an opportunity to pet him.

Winnie is a sweet 12-year-old spayed female tortoiseshell who loves pets as well. Winnie prefers you take the time to come introduce yourself to her first. Once that happens, be prepared to spend some time petting her. She loves to play until you are too tired to continue.

Winnie and Sebastian would do best in a home without other pets or small children. They are used to being indoors and have never been outside. 

If you are interested, email with the subject line SEBASTIAN AND WINNIE