Meet our team of volunteers across Canada who are dedicated to helping seniors and people with terminal illnesses find second forever homes for their beloved pets. Here are a few that you may be working with.

If you are looking to re-home an animal through MGC, you will be assigned a volunteer based on their availability. Learn more about becoming a volunteer.

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Vivian Chester, Nova Scotia

Vivian has a passion for helping others. Whether she’s helping with her local church or food bank, she has always been an active member of her community, which she passed on to her daughter who founded My Grandfather’s Cat.

She is the proud g’ma to our founding cat, Mackenzie and merch model.

Vivian is our primary volunteer on the East Coast, and assists with adoptables in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Newfoundland.

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Ashley Calgary, Alberta

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Ashley has a heart of gold. While working in the legal field in Calgary, Alberta, her passion is animals and plants. She is dedicated to helping animals find their second forever homes and gives generosly of her time to MGC.

Ashley is our primary volunteer on the West Coast and assists with adoptables in Alberta and British Columbia.

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Sarah C. Ottawa, Ontario

Living in Ottawa with her husband and two two fur-babies, Sarah is animal lover through-and-through. She is a proud fur-mom to a senior kitty and sweet boxer-border collie.

She is a seasoned market researcher who loves asking questions, so it’s no surprise that volunteering with MGC is a perfect fit! In her down time, Sarah loves going on long walks with Chester, sewing and curling up with a good book and a hot cup of tea.

Sarah C. is our primary volunteer in Ottawa, Toronto and Ontario.

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Lianne Halifax, Nova Scotia

Proud fur-mom to her very own grumpy cat, Charlie, Lianne is dedicated to giving back and helping others. She works as a community nurse by day and fosters cats with feral or behavioural issues at night. She is truly one of the best human beings you will meet in your lifetime.

In the few spare moments when she isn’t giving of her time to help others, she enjoys bouldering, hiking, reading and taking on too many DIY projects.

She primary assists adoptables in Nova Scotia, but will help across Canada when needed.

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Elizabeth Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Also known as Aunt Liz, Elizabeth is a proud Nana to her four granddaughters and proud fur-mom to her very fluffy rescue cat, Tipper. When she isn’t travelling around the world, you can find her volunteering in her local community, or Facetiming her granddaughters with Tipper by her side.

My Grandfather’s Cat holds a special place in Elizabeth’s heart, as our founder grandfather is her late father. She gives her time to MGC to honour her parents and support her beloved niece.

She primarily assists adoptables in Nova Scotia, but will help across Canada when needed.

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Sarah Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sarah is proudly known as our first volunteer. Originally from Newfoundland, Sarah is dedicated to helping her community. Whether she is volunteering her time with her university or helping her local animal shelter, Sarah has a giving spirit and is always ready to help.

She starting volunteering just two weeks after MGC launched. Sarah uses her marketing skills to run MGC’s social media accounts, replying to comments and messages. She also takes on adoptables in Nova Scotia and across Canada.

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Katie New York

Proudly our only volunteer from the United States, Katie is an animal lover with a passion for helping others, so it is no surprise she gives her time to help our adoptables.

Whether it’s working in her job at human resources, being a mom to her human children or caring for her fur-child, Molly, Katie puts her kind heart and dedicated spirit into everything she does. She goes above and beyond for her adoptables and is determined to find them the best second forever homes.

While she is based in New York, Katie assists adoptables on the East Coast of Canada.