In December 2019, my grandfather passed away in hospital while waiting to be admitted into a retirement home. One of the reasons he did not put his name on the list sooner was because he had been caring for my grandmother’s 14 year-old cat, Mackie, since she passed away.

At the time, Mackie was known for being an angry, mean, and aggressive cat, and everyone in our family hesitated to adopt her. Knowing because of her temperament she would spend her last precious years in a shelter, I chose to take her. 

Over the course of the next year, I learned that Mackie may appear to be aggressive, but she is truly a loving and adventurous cat with just a bit of an attitude – which is why you’ll often catch me using her full name, Mackenzie. Through sharing videos of her on TikTok, I heard countless stories of how many seniors worried about what would happen to their pets when they moved to a retirement home, or heaven forbid passed away. 

With the goal of alleviating this worry from seniors during their final years, I founded My Grandfather’s Cat on my grandfather’s birthday, May 18, 2021, as a safe space for seniors to arrange a second forever home for their beloved pets.

When we launched, we received an overwhelmed amount of support and media attention. Our work intrigued many, including those suffering from terminal illness. When people with terminal illnesses began to reach out and asked if we’d make an exception for them to use our services, we knew we had to include them as part of our mission. Today, we proudly help both seniors and the terminally ill arrange homes for their beloved pets.

The work we do is dedicated to my grandparents, who I know are watching proudly from high above the clouds.

So please, stay a while. Check out our adoptables and see if you can be their next forever home. If you wish to support our work, you can make a donation or purchase an item from our shop.

All my love,

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